Computer Science and Engineering Group
Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering

Stefano Paraboschi Full professor Database, Security [personal page] [google scholar]
Fabio Martignon Full professor Networking, Optimization, Game Theory [personal page] [google scholar]
Davide Brugali Associate professor Robotics, Embedded systems [personal page]
Angelo Gargantini Associate professor Software Engineering, Formal methods, Testing [personal page] [google scholar]
Giuseppe Psaila Associate professor Database, Data mining [personal page]
Paolo Salvaneschi Associate professor Software Engineering [personal page]
Patrizia Scandurra Associate professor Software Engineering, Formal methods, Service-oriened computing [personal page] [google scholar]
Domenico Fabio Savo Tenure-track researcher Ontology-based Data Management [personal page]
Mario Verdicchio Assistant professor Artificial Intelligence [personal page]
Post Docs
Silvia Bonfanti [personal page]
PhD Students
Dario Facchinetti PhD student, XXXIV PhD cycle [personal page]
Andrea Bombarda PhD student, XXXV PhD cycle [personal page]
Matthew Rossi PhD student, XXXVI PhD cycle [personal page]
Gianluca Oldani PhD student, XXXVI PhD cycle
Research collaborators
Former Members
Enrico Bacis [personal page]
Marco Radavelli [personal page]
Marco Rosa [personal page]
Steven Capelli [personal page]
Paolo Vavassori Software Engineering, Feature models, Combinatorial testing [personal page]
Simone Mutti   [personal page]
Paolo Arcaini   [personal page]
Luca Gherardi   [personal page]
Pasqualina Potena     [personal page]